SharePoint 2010 CAML Designer by Karine Bosch and Andy Van Steenbergen

Finally! The new CAML Designer is released! Karine Bosch did not do this alone this time, She co-developed the tool with Andy Van Steenbergen, one of her friends at the BIWUG board.

When she developed the first version of the U2U CAML Builder back in 2004, CAML was an exotic language that nobody knew and nobody wanted to learn. In the beginning the tool lived on the blog of herdear friend Patrick Tisseghem, who unfortunately died in september 2008, far too early. Thanks to the tool, which is used all around the world, each SharePoint developer knows how to use CAML.

The user interface is completely designed in WPF. If you install the tool on a server where you have installed SharePoint 2010, you can logon using the SharePoint server object model. But if you have to use the tool remotely, you can connect to SharePoint 2010 using the .NET client object or the SharePoint web services.

For the moment you can only build queries for SharePoint 2010, but once SharePoint vNext is out, we will upgrade the tool. Once you are logged in to SharePoint, you are able to build queries from very simple to very complex. You can also view code snippets in C# for the SharePoint server object model, for the .NET client object model and for the SharePoint web services.

You can download the tool from the download section of the biwug site. You can find detailed documentation on the tool and on CAML here.

The tool is still in beta and she knows there are still a few glitches. They are working on it and will post new versions of the tool frequently. But with the click-once way of installing it, you will be asked to update your version of the tool as soon as they release a new version of it. If you find bugs yourself or if you have ideas please do not hesitate to post a message to camlfeedback@biwug.be.

I hope you enjoy this one!