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jQueryPad is xcopy deployable. It's written in WPF and uses the Web Browser Control to embed Internet Explorer for testing the script. When you press F5, the HTML and JavaScript are combined into one file and rendered. The template also references jQuery, so the jQuery functions are available.

If you want to use a different version of jQuery or reference other files, just replace the files in the Templates directory.

Hope you find it useful - feature suggestions are welcome.

Source : http://www.paulstovell.com/jquerypad



How To : Add XML Attribute To An Existing XML Node in C# (C Sharp)

How To : Add XML Attribute To An Existing XML Node in C# (C Sharp)
Hey Folks,

I had requirement where I needed to add an XML Attribute to an existing XML Node.

Say for example I have an XML file as below :

XML Code :
<User Name="Naimish" Country="India" Mobile="0123456789" UserExits="Yes" />
<User Name="Vishal" Mobile="0123456788" UserExits="Yes" />
<User Name="Lucky" Country="India" Mobile="0123456787" UserExits="Yes" />
<User Name="Ravi" Mobile="0123456786" UserExits="Yes" />
<User Name="XYZ" Country="India" Mobile="0123456785" UserExits="Yes" />

Now, If you notice, User Vishal and User Ravi don't have an attribute Country, so If you want to add that attribute pro-grammatically using C# or C Sharp Code, here's how you go :

C# / C Sharp Code :
class AddAttributesToXML
static void Main(string[] args)
if (File.Exists("C:\\Test.xml"))
XmlDocument XDoc = new XmlDocument();
XDoc.InnerXml = AddAttributesToXML(XDoc.OuterXml);

private static string AddAttributesToXML(String inputXml)
XmlDocument xmlDoc = new XmlDocument();

XmlNodeList xmlNodeList = xmlDoc.GetElementsByTagName("User");

foreach (XmlNode xmlNode in xmlNodeList)
if (xmlNode.Attributes.GetNamedItem("Country").Value == null) { }
catch (Exception)
XmlAttribute CountryAttr = xmlDoc.CreateAttribute("Country");
CountryAttr.Value = "USA";

return xmlDoc.OuterXml;

Thanks and Have Fun!!!!!