URL of Web Part Maintenance Page in SharePoint 2010

Hey Folks,

While learning SharePoint 2010, I do lots of mistakes which crashes my SharePoint 2010 Home Page.

I do add weird web parts which causes the problem.

The easiest way to get rid of this is to just delete the web part form your page and to do it you need to go to the Web Part Maintenance Page of SharePoint 2010.

Do you know from where or how to go??

If yes, good you are a pro!!

If No, Welcome To My World :)

Suppose your Home Page Site URL is :


When you enter into the address bar of your browse, you get below full URL :


What you need to do to go to the Web Part Maintenance Page of SharePoint 2010 is just append, ?contents=1


And you are there :D

Thanks and Have Fun!!!!!