Hyperlink Column Type in SharePoint 2010 : How to open in new window?

Hey Folks!!

Recently I have created a custom list.  Into my custom list, I had one column which was of type Hyperlink.

I added my new custom list as a web part.  Works just fine!!  I had 4-5 URLs in my custom list or web part.

When I clicked on one of the URL....Woha!!!!

Instead of opening the URL in new window, it just opened in same page??!!

I went back to edit my column type, but I couldn't found the way or option to ask it to open any URLs into new window.

I googled it but again I found very complex and an un-easy way to achieve the same.

I wanted something pretty straight forward and easy to use and I think you too will expect the same right?

So, Let's Go :)

Steps :

1. Go to list

2. Site Actions -> Edit in SharePoint Designer

3. In Navigation....Select All Files -> Lists -> Click on your list name -> AllItems.aspx

4. Click on any of the URLs

5. Tag Properties change "target" Value from _self to _blank (If you can't see this, follow the below steps)

6. Click on the link and the click on ">" to display Common xsl:value-of Tasks

7. Click on Hyperlink options...

8. Click "Yes" if its a trusted environment. message

9. Click "Target Frame..." button

10. Select "New Window"

11. Click OK Twice.

12. If this is not setting the target value to _blank then edit the tag in code

Click Save, Refresh your SharePoint 2010 Page and click on any of the URLs :) It's done!!

<a href="{$url}"><xsl:value-of select="$desc" /></a>