SharePoint 2010 Development Series - Part 1

First of all welcome to the series of SharePoint 2010 Development.

We will only concentrate on practical parts of the SharePoint 2010 Development.

To start with, anytime you want to do anything in SharePoint, it starts with a site.  Every site have a parent called site collection.  So, let's make a site collection first.

There are two ways we can make a site collection:

1.  Through Central Administration

2.  Programmatically

We will see how to create site collection through Central Administration in this article and in next article, I'll explain how to create site collection Programmatically (Using Visual Studio 2010).

1. Through Central Administration

1. Click on Start -> All Programs -> Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Products -> SharePoint 2010 Central Administration

2. Under Application Management, select Create site collections

3. Please add the details like Title, Description, URL and site template etc. (See into the screen shots for details)

4. Press OK Button.

5.  After you press OK Button, You will see your newly created SharePoint 2010 Site Collection Successful Message.

6.  Click on URL.

Thanks and Have fun!!